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May 19, 2022.

Amazon’s new Fire 7

Amazon’s 2022 Fire 7 tablet.

Fire 7. © Amazon.

Amazon is updating its small and affordable Fire 7 tablet for the first time in three years. On the docket, you’ll find a USB-C port to recharge the battery, longer battery life, increased memory (2GB of RAM instead of 1GB), and better performance overall. The price will increase a bit accordingly, from CAD 70 to CAD 80 but still within the realm of the affordable. Amazon says that the MediaTek MT8168V quad-core processor is “30% faster” and runtime on one charge lasts 40% longer, with around ten hours of web browsing or watching videos. There’s a microSD slot, a headset jack and support for Wi-Fi 5 (i.e. 802.11ac). The new Fire 7 will only come in three colors (black, denim blue and pink) as the green that was previously available has been put out to pasture (seems it wasn’t a huge success). You can preorder today for a June 29 delivery.

The new Fire 7 also marks the 2022 launch of Amazon’s Fire OS 8. It’s an Android 11 fork that doesn’t seem too far removed from the regular codebase, but doesn’t feature any Google services or applications. /p>

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