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 September 24 2020

Always Home Cam

Always Home Cam.

Always Home Cam. © Ring/Amazon.

Ring has unveiled the Always Home Cam, an autonomous security drone for your home. It autonomously flies around your house or apartment, then returns to its docking station to recharge its battery. The advantage of this device is that it provides multiple viewpoints throughout the home without requiring the use of multiple cameras. The Always Home Cam is fully autonomous, but owners can tell it what path it can take and where it can go. Ring says the on-board camera can be used for simple things like checking if a stove was left on or a window left open, or if a door is locked when you’re away from the home. It features obstacle avoidance technology to allow it to avoid objects in its path and its shrouded propellers prevent damage to property or hurting a pet or person that might collide with the drone. To secure your home with a drone, while terrorizing the cat or dog, you’ll have to stump up USD250 and wait until next year.

The Ring drone stops a hapless burglar in his tracks in this ad.

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