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September 28, 2022.

A mechanical keyboard for Mac

MX Mechanical Mini for Mac.

MX Mechanical Mini for Mac. © Logitech.

Though most mechanical keyboards out there work with a Mac, not many of them include all the macOS-specific keys. Apple users will be happy to hear that Logitech is offering a Mac version of its wireless MX Mechanical Mini keyboard launched early this year. But this iOS- and iPadOS-compatible keyboard doesn’t feature a numpad. A spokesperson explained to Ars Technica that Mac users prefer working with a mouse and tend for more desk space, which is arguable. Logitech claims that the keyboard’s battery lasts up to fifteen days with backlight on or ten months with it off. The keyboard is now available for 200 CAD (150 USD), which, given there’s no numpad, definitely places it in the high-end category.

MX Mechanical Mini for Mac.

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