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January 12, 2021.

250GB files on Microsoft 365

Microsoft OneDrive.

OneDrive. © Microsoft.

Microsoft is upping file size limits on OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint, from 100 to 250GB. This is great news for everyone, but especially teleworkers who need to share large files on the cloud, like 4-or-8K video, CAD files or large scientific datasets. Microsoft says the new increased limit will start rolling out at the end of January and be universal by the end of the first quarter. And it includes OneDrive for personal use. Super handy to share that zip file with a large PC game with your friends! This is the second time Microsoft increases file size limits, which had gone from 15 to 100GB last July.

Microsoft OneDrive Blog, Ankita Kirti, “Gain more flexibility with 250 GB file size support in Microsoft 365.”



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