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Spiria Wins the M&A Transaction of the Year Award

May 29, 2018.
Once again Spiria’s sustained growth has been recognized, this time by the Transaction of the Year award at the M&A Gala (in the $2 to $10 million category).

On May 3, Spiria received the Transaction of the Year Award in the $2 to $10 million CAD category (the other category being $10 to $500 million). The ceremony took place at the Club M&A’s annual gala at the Windsor, Montreal. This award recognized the merger-acquisition completed in January between Spiria and DevBBQ, a web and mobile application development company based in Toronto.

Stéphane Rouleau, President and CEO of Spiria explains: “We are pleasantly surprised by this award, which not only acknowledges a successful transaction, but also a great human adventure. This award increases awareness around the Spiria name and enables us to create stronger ties with the mergers and acquisitions specialists’ community. This recognition is very useful to our corporate strategy; we use these mergers-acquisitions as growth drivers and to expand our scope of activity in North America. We believe in proximity and close collaboration with our customers to deliver innovative, high-performance, and truly customized digital solutions and services. This involves having a proximity-based strategy and a local presence in the leading North American software development markets. That’s why we expand our geographic footprint by onboarding companies that share our philosophy and values, with which we can develop real, deep and sustainable synergies.”

The past twelve months have been busy for Spiria, with the addition of teams from Boston and Toronto, a sixth consecutive ranking in PROFIT 500, the top 500 fastest growing Canadian companies, and finally, its 15th year of business anniversary celebration!

With locations in Boston, Montreal, Ottawa-Gatineau and Toronto, Spiria is consolidating its position as a North American leader in a high value custom software solutions industry.

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About M&A

Founded by Brahm Elkin in 2009, the M&A Club consists of 13 branches across Canada whose members are professionals in the field of mergers and acquisitions, and corporate finance. Each branch of the Club meets ten times a year and hosts roundtables, encourages business networking and presents special guests. Since last year, M&A has held an annual gala at the Windsor in Montreal to present awards that honour the success and outstanding work of merger and acquisition experts in Quebec. Learn more: maclub.ca.

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Established in 2003, Spiria engineers digital change for companies driven by the passion to innovate and the desire to lead the way. The digital strategies and solutions created by Spiria’s 150 experts transform business models, customer experiences and operations. The carefully designed and skillfully engineered Web, Mobile and IoT solutions transform the way 400 businesses set across multiple industries deliver amazing experiences and define what comes next.