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October 3, 2020.

New services, new site

Everyone knows that Spiria can code, and code well. But did you know that we can also help you up define your customer acquisition strategy or provide you with support and maintenance services following your product launch? Providing a platform that showcases services ranging from strategy to post-development support led us to execute a massive overhaul of our website.

The world is changing, and companies are facing new challenges. To support our customers in facing these new market realities, we asked them which services they’d like to add to our current offer. In light of their evolving needs, we revamped our offer and enhanced it, to position ourselves squarely as a strategic IT, design and development services company, covering the entire range of IT needs, beyond programming.

Illustration Jeremie Pudlowski.

New services

Spiria’s core mission is to help our customers reach their present and future business goals, address complex business challenges, respond to unexpected developments and remain competitive in rapidly evolving markets. This drove us to invest and hire new talent to broaden our range of services and fulfill our mission even better.

What does this mean for you? Well, we can now help you formulate new products, making sure they align with future client needs, identifying desired or beneficial features, and defining a new roadmap and development strategy to generate quick return on investment. Spiria’s consulting services can also help you enhance your existing products: in support of our Discovery process, which seeks to define the right issues to address and minimize risk, we bolstered our digital transformation offer, aimed at companies that seek to further the digitization of their processes and explore new business models.

Now, we provide a new range of customer experience and data services aimed at companies offering digital products or services. Our experts can collect data to analyze your clientele and provide valuable insights, build a complete client acquisition strategy from the ground up, fine-tune conversion mechanisms, foster client engagement and loyalty, map out simple yet effective customer paths that provide the expected results, and provide many more services.

Illustration Jeremie Pudlowski.

New web site

We overhauled our web site, from design to content, to better reflect who we are, and showcase what we do. It is no longer a company that talks to other companies, but a community of talents gathered around a clear mission that presents you with its skills and specificities.

Our new, upbeat, clean look reflects the human touch that each Spiria expert brings to our projects. We didn’t revolutionize our brand: it is solid and enduring. But we did subtly tweak it with a new palette of lighter, warmer tones, and let our designer Jeremie’s illustrations take center stage, reflecting our human dimension and originality.

Our new site showcases our new services, most of which will naturally be news to our customers. But it also features our existing services, which have made us who we are today, i.e., a partner of excellence in IT development that generates value for companies. We are still pros at user experience, interface design, prototyping, user tests, bespoke software development on all platforms (mobile, web, Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.), Web site creation, e-commerce, quality assurance and, last but not least, systems maintenance and post-development support.

For this new site, we concentrated on making our message clearer and hope that visitors will quickly grasp the breadth of our offer and the values that drive us, right on our home page. Let us know what you think!

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