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Key players of Canada’s dairy industry redefine dairy transportation

June 15, 2022.

Leading software developer Spiria delivers a state-of-the-art dairy transportation data collection system for the British Columbia Milk Marketing Board, Alberta Milk, and Dairy Farmers of Manitoba. 

Montreal, June 15, 2022 — Spiria is proud to announce a collaboration with the British Columbia Milk Marketing Board, Alberta Milk, and Dairy Farmers of Manitoba that resulted in the design and development of a state-of-the-art enterprise-grade dairy transportation data collection system.

The British Columbia Milk Marketing Board, Alberta Milk, and Dairy Farmers of Manitoba are key players in the dairy supply chain in Western Canada. These organizations manage milk collection from producers and delivery to processors. Thanks to the new mobile and web applications developed by Spiria, it is easier and faster than ever for milk haulers to enter volume and sample data at the farm and drop-off data at the plants, assured that this business-critical data is securely delivered to the milk boards’ transportation teams in real time. On the transportation team side, the board staff have real-time visibility on milk routes and volumes, enabling them to make on-the-fly routing decisions and assuring quality compliance throughout the transportation process.

“Spiria is not only a partner but an actual member of our group. From day one, we felt that we had access to a trusted advisor who could not only deliver what we wanted, but also help us create things that we thought were out of our reach,” said Freda Molenkamp-Oudman, General Manager of Alberta Milk. “Having the opportunity to develop a platform for one of Canada’s finest institutions is something we are extremely proud of. Optimising a complex process like this one, through design and custom software development, is really what we love to tackle at Spiria,” mentioned Stéphane Rouleau, President and CEO of Spiria.

Most importantly, this collaboration marks the beginning of a successful and potentially long-term partnership between leaders in the dairy and software development industry were Spiria is committed to continue advising the British Columbia Milk Marketing Board, Alberta Milk, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba on technology-related challenges while maintaining and improving the system.

About British Columbia Milk Marketing Board

The British Columbia Milk Marketing Board has the authority to promote, control and regulate the production, transportation, packing, storing and marketing of milk, fluid milk and manufactured milk products within British Columbia.

About Alberta Milk

Alberta Milk is a non-profit organization that represents Alberta’s dairy producers. They are a non-profit, farmer-driven organization, guided by a board of directors and delegates, whom are all dairy farmers running family farms. Solely funded by Alberta’s dairy farmers, Alberta Milk supports those farmers to produce safe, nutritious food in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way.

About Dairy Farmers of Manitoba

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba is a non-profit organization that represents and is financed by all dairy farmers in the province. All dairy farms in Manitoba are family-owned and operated. We are committed to producing milk according to the highest standards of quality.

About Spiria 

Founded in 2003, Spiria is a software development firm focused on helping companies successfully execute digital projects through strategy, design, and custom development. Their experts work with leading brands on building game changing digital products, optimizing processes, and generating growth through digital transformation.  

For Further Information:

  • Spiria: marketing@spiria.com
  • Alberta Milk: Magan Madden, mmadden@albertamilk.com