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Has it really been 15 years?

February 7, 2018.

This month we’re celebrating Spiria’s 15th birthday – yes, already! We didn’t even notice the time fly by! While we’re usually resolutely turned to the future, we thought we’d seize this opportunity to look to the past and take stock of our successes along the way.

Who could have predicted, back in 2003, that a tiny business made up of two people would, 15 years later, become a significant player in the software development industry, with almost 150 employees across four large North American cities?

Out of humble beginnings, Spiria quickly grew and cemented strong business relationships based on trust, more akin to full-fledged partnerships than the classic client-provider relationship model. This has allowed us to manage our growth, and ensured our company’s longevity. And it paid off: global companies like Autodesk, which publishes 2D and 3D creation software, or the American sales and marketing services firm Acosta, with over 35,000 employees, have worked continuously with Spiria for over a decade.

In addition to our focus on lasting business relationships, Spiria’s success is also in large part based on the breadth of our knowledge base as well as our multiple locations, which allow us to provide locally-based services to a growing number of businesses all over the map. After 10 years of local growth and development in Montreal, the company decided to branch out geographically. This started in Ottawa-Gatineau in 2014, followed by Boston in 2017, then Toronto in early 2018. This phase of growth, which is far from over, was rolled out without ever compromising quality of service, and with the utmost respect for our corporate values.

This period of accelerated growth has not gone unnoticed: for the past six years we’ve earned a spot on the PROFIT 500 list of fastest-growing Canadian businesses.

Spiria’s success is also due in a very large part to the talent and passion of those who make up our team, because above all it’s an adventure predicated on people. “Spirians” are the ambassadors of a culture that’s based on innovation, flexibility and teamwork: a culture that is crucial to the success of each and every one of our software development projects.

We’re definitely going to celebrate our 15th birthday in style, but as always, we’ve got our eye to the future to see where we’ll be in 2023, for our 20th!


Spiria, 15th.