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Ten signs it’s time to invest in custom-made software

August 9, 2018.

When you lead a company, finding the right balance between immediate needs and long-term growth is vital. When assessing your software needs, making the right choice between off-the-shelf and custom-made is crucial. So, how do you know if it’s time for your company to go custom? Ask yourself the ten questions below:

1. Does your company have specific needs that no off-the-shelf software package meets?
This is the most obvious clue that custom-made software is the way to meet your specific needs.

2. Do your company’s specific needs require more features than any commercially available software is able to provide?
Conversely, are features you don’t need hampering your productivity?
Custom-made software could be the next step in significantly improving your productivity by concentrating on essentials.

3. Are the various software systems you use incompatible with one another?
If you use software X for one task and software Y for another, but X and Y don’t talk to each other, your performance will take a hit. Custom-made software can integrate your various programs in a single application program interface (API), providing for optimal compatibility.

4. Do you need unfettered control of your software platform, for competition, security-related or other reasons?
A custom-made solution will make you sole owner of the rights to your system and provide for optimal security.

5. Do you need a competitive edge?
Custom-made solutions provide the best and fastest adaptation capabilities to respond to change and opportunities in your field.

6. Do you need an application program interface (API) that isn’t supported by commercial software?
Software specifically developed for your company optimizes communication and synchronization between data originating from all your different systems and networks.

7. Have you found a chink in your system security?
Bugs in off-the-shelf software can seriously compromise your ability to do business. With custom-built software, you’re in control and you can act quickly and efficiently, without waiting for someone else to fix problems that affect you.

8. Is your legacy software hampering your company’s evolution?
Depending on the technology used, some of your software’s features may not be extendable, and not able to grow with your company. Custom-made software, on the other hand, provides infinite development possibilities.

9. Is technical support for your off-the-shelf software lacking?
Some software companies offer lacklustre customer service, sluggish support or incompetent help. But with custom-made software, support is targeted and focused; it is provided by the team who developed your software, and who knows it, and your business, inside-out.

10. Is your productivity flagging?
This could be due to inadequate software. By choosing the right technical platform, you grow your productivity.

If you answered “yes” to some or most of these questions, perhaps custom-built software is the missing link in your growth.