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We created a state-of-the-art Web application for complex financial transactions. This user-friendly portal offers users all the required functionalities for their complex financial transactions and for managing their account and portfolio.


Jitneytrade users with full access to the Web application developed by Spiria.


Months: return on investment for the Web application in terms of time and resources saved by Jitneytrade.


Existing software programs replaced by the custom Jitneytrade Web application.

The Mandate | A Mission-Critical Financial Application

Jitneytrade has maintained a profitable business relationship with Spiria since 2011. The discount brokerage firm wanted to optimize the user experience of its Web platform, which offers its individual and institutional clients access to a wide variety of transactional solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

Spiria developed a state-of-the-art user interface that is simple to use and offers users a wide range of functionalities to manage complex financial transactions, accounts and portofolios.

The Goal

The new platform must manage the transactional tools
used for securities trading in real time
with following functionalities :

  1. An adaptive Web platform with an interface that scales to the user's monitor
  2. A multi-screen display system
  3. A streaming connection system for external financial data
  4. A system to minimize electronic transactions with third parties
  5. An easy to use account management system
  6. A personalized management system for the reports and performance graphs of financial securities
  7. An online statement system for users

Technological Challenges

User experience

Adapting the platform to a new interface and adding specific functionalities

Compatibility and connectivity

Ensure proper connection and interoperability between Jitneytrade’s existing platform and the new platform developed by Spiria

The Result | Mission Accomplished

  • We used Microsoft’s MVC 3 to model the architecture for Jitneytrade’s scalable and adaptive web-based platform.
  • A jQuery solution. Spiria used the JavaScript library to rethink and improve the website’s ergonomics through visual effects and animations.

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