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We created a state-of-the-art Web application for complex financial transactions. This user friendly portal offer users all the required functionalities for their complex financial transactions and for the management of their account and portfolio.
Some key numbers:

Jitneytrade users with full access to the web application developed by Spiria.


Months: return on investment for the web application in terms of time and resources saved by Jitneytrade.

For nearly ten years, Spiria has been part of a small and select group of collaborators of Autodesk, a leader in engineering, architecture and multimedia software. Autodesk makes world-renowned software such as AutoCAD, Revit and many more.
Some key numbers:
75 000

Hours of software development since the start of the relationship


Confidential projects delivered across divisions.

Spiria has been the driving force behind the development of mobile applications for Acosta Sales & Marketing. Acosta is the sales and marketing powerhouse behind most of the trusted brands seen in-store every day.
Some key numbers:
12 000

The number of Acosta representatives collecting data on more than 100,000 products using Strategy Lite.


The number of questions answered every week by Acosta representatives.

Academic information management and mathematical optimization for the automatic distribution of workplace internships.
Results :

The Faculty of Pharmacy wanted the platform to automatically distribute at least 80% of workplace internships.

85 to 90%

Spiria's platorm achieves 85 to 90% of automated internship distribution rate.

The Labatt brewery in Lasalle, Montreal, is the biggest in Canada, with 5 production lines. It called on Spiria to develop a Web-based automated scheduling and employee work-hour optimisation system.
2 966

Labatt employees benefit from the Web-based application developed by Spiria.


Labatt departments use the on-line automated scheduling and work-hour management platform.

Integration of an embedded GPS system in a bicycle which collects data and reconstructs a user’s route.
Some key numbers:

Proofs of concept required by the client and delivered by Spiria.


Thanks to Spiria’s system, this is the number of docked bicycles that can simultaneously send data to the kiosk.

Desjardins needed an application to communicate temporarily with its members on a specific, limited-duration project. This application had to be accessible both on mobile devices and on the Web.

Other projects
successfully completed


Labatt Client since 2003

Web application

  • Schedule management
  • Mathematical optimization according to collective agreements
  • Integration into external systems

IBwave Client since 2009

Mobile application

  • Mapping of network signal quality
  • Multi-platform application
  • Team reinforcement

Novatel Client since 2009

Desktop software

  • GPS device configuration tool
  • Update to the user interfaces
  • Civil/military engineering fields

Centura Client since 2013


  • Drupal Integration
  • Team reinforcement
  • Product catalogue and inventory syncing

GardaWorld Client since 2015

Web application

  • Python development
  • Schedule Management
  • Hybrid team

Cocoriko Client since 2012

Web application

  • Custom, large-scale social network
  • Integration of open-source technologies
  • Emphasis on the user experience (UX)

Giro Client since 2012

Mobile application

  • Android native
  • Emphasis on the user experience (UX)
  • Optimization of space for vehicle inventory
  • Team reinforcement

The Bar of Montreal Client since 2012

Web applications

  • Online applications for membership management
  • Management of boards and committees
  • CRM module

Radio-Canada Client since 2011

Web application

  • Automation of the post production management processes
  • Personalized dashboards
  • Order processing