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For nearly ten years, Spiria has been part of a small and select group of collaborators of Autodesk, a leader in engineering, architecture and multimedia software. Autodesk makes world-renowned software such as AutoCAD, Revit, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Softimage, Flame, and many more.

Some key numbers
75 000

Hours of software development since the start of the relationship.


Confidential projects delivered across divisions.


World-class software products have benefited from our contributions.

Spiria, a Trusted Technology Partner

Over the last ten years, Spiria has contributed to many Autodesk internal projects. Our business and the qualifications of our people are tightly aligned with Autodesk’s needs, which allows for great inter-team connections. Our versatility and hard work are assets that Autodesk especially appreciates.

Over 60 completed Autodesk projects, across multiple divisions:

Architecture / Construction

Architecture / Construction



Design / Simulation

Design / Simulation

Media and entertainment

Media and entertainment

A Collaborative Relationship


Team Augmentation

For Autodesk, Spiria is a tactical intervention team. Our developers are able to join project and product teams on short notice, quickly improving efficiency and productivity.

With the varied skillset we have developed over the years, no project is too big and our engagements keep growing.

The Value of
Our Contribution


It's important for any dev team to keep up with plans regardless of variability. Our team contributes to existing initiatives and when a project is impacted by unplanned circumstances.

  • Immediate add work capacity during unexpected upsurges of work.
  • Replacement of personnel requiring particular expertise.
  • Rapid ownership and kickoff of strategic initiatives
  • Implementation of customer-requested features
  • Quick and efficient solutions to problems that could derail development.


Some Examples of What We Have Done


Optimization of 2D/3D display engines using the latest graphics technologies.


Software performance optimization and stabilization.


Software globalization to support the language of any country.


Multi-platform rearchitecture to support applications on Windows, Mac and Linux, 32 and 64 bits.

Updates to usability

Updates to usability and user interfaces, and the development of new features.

A Close Partner of
Autodesk Consulting

Autodesk Developer's Network

As members of the Autodesk Developer's Network (ADN) we also serve Autodesk's own clients when they need custom solutions compatible with the Autodesk products they use every day.


Despite the fact that Autodesk has over 300 registered development partners, we're one of the few who Autodesk calls on when they're in need of executing additional work for special customers.

More Than a Business Relationship

The relationship with Autodesk has been a very important one for Spiria, one that has allowed our firm to improve and adapt. It’s a relationship that goes further than simple business, which has allowed us to make great friends along the way with a common desire to advance, to discover and to push the limits of technology.

  • “We enjoy working with Spiria because they have proven to be experienced, professional and reliable. Since 2004, Spiria has helped us with a variety of complex projects and they continue to be a valued partner for expert development services.”

    Christopher Young
    Senior Director Product Development

  • “Spiria has been instrumental in supporting the development of some of our key projects, providing talented, committed and responsive resources. Working with Spiria has been a rewarding experience as their professionalism is only equal to their dedication to their customers.”

    Charles Martin
    Senior Software Development Manager

  • "The Spiria team is impressively quick to get up to speed and report first breakthroughs. Their expertise, flexibility, professionalism and commitment are key factors to our successful and safe relationship. The projects are delivered on time, if not ahead of time, according to specifications and with high quality standards. Spiria is definitely a company I will keep doing business with."

    Jean-Luc Corenthin
    Software Development Manager

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