Hololens Demo: Brain Modelisation

Hololens Demo

We were among the lucky few to be top on the list to receive Microsoft’s Hololens (thanks go out to our contacts!).

[For those of you who may have missed it, we have already written one piece introducing Hololens.]

We wasted no time in trying it out to gain an understanding of its Software Development Kit (SDK) and ecosystem, and to test its gesture and voice command recognition in 3D collaborative interactions. After a few days of familiarizing ourselves with it, we produced a quick demo of these features and tested some of its platform’s capabilities.

Next week, François Mayrand will write at length about its technical specifications and our development experience, but in the meantime, we couldn’t wait to show you our video:

In our demo, you can see how users can interact, including vocally, with a 3D model of a human brain, or encephalon, to be more anatomically precise (encephalon, diencephalon, cerebellum, brain stem).