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For more than 10 years, Spiria (formerly Innobec) has been the driving force behind the development of mobile applications for Acosta Sales & Marketing. Acosta is the sales and marketing powerhouse behind most of the trusted brands seen in-store every day.

The company provides a range of outsourced sales, marketing and retail merchandising services throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more than 85 years, Acosta has led the industry in helping consumer packaged goods companies move products off shelves and into shoppers' baskets.

12 000

The number of Acosta representatives collecting data on more than 100,000 products using Strategy Lite.


The number of questions answered every week by Acosta representatives during their store visits.

410 000 +

The number of store visits logged every week into the applications developed by Spiria.

Acosta partner

A Major

In the early 2000s, Acosta wished to innovate its processes in order to be at the forefront of the upcoming mobile revolution. It quickly became clear that, for them, this optimization and modernization process would materialize through a mobile application, Strategy Lite.

As early as 2003, Spiria began its work on the Strategy Lite application. In 2006, Spiria became one of Acosta's major partners.


Spiria's Three Main Projects

A mobile application supporting and optimizing the work of Acosta's 12,000 representatives. It manages store visits, data collection in stores and helps prevent stock-outs.

An update of Acosta's mobile equipment opens up new opportunities and allows for a complete redesign of this solution by using multiplatform technologies.

New mobile application dedicated to field team leaders. With this tool, administrators can stay in constant contact with their employees and have a real-time overview of activities and visits.

Partnership History

Early 2000

Acosta prepares for
the mobile revolution.

Strategy Lite
2003 - 2013

Development of Strategy

2010 - 

Birth of

Strategy Lite Touch
2011 - 2013

Design, development and
delivery of Strategy Lite Touch.

Strategy Lite Dashboard
2013 - 2014

Design, development and delivery
of FM Dashboard.

Strategy Lite Touch
2014 - Infinite symbol

Ongoing improvements to
Strategy Lite Touch and FM 
Dashboard, phasing out of
Stategy Lite.


A mobile application designed for thousands of Acosta’s North American field representatives.

A Large-Scale
mobile application


The Needs

This custom application must cover all operations and meet the expectations of each of Acosta’s channels. It must be usable not only in North America but also on all American military bases: South Korea, Germany, Middle East and many others.

Major Functionalities

  • Manage visit calendar
  • Optimize data collection
  • Manage client information
  • Take photos and comments
  • Synchronize data in near real-time despite intermittent network access

The Needs

  1. Rewriting and migration of Strategy Lite from a Windows CE environment to an environment adapted to all current and future mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows.
  2. Migrate while continuing support for the operations and improvements required by field teams.
  3. Catch up with more than a decade’s worth of work in a span of less than two years.

Becoming a Multiplatform


Spiria's solution: Lithium 

As early as 2010, Spiria was interested in the development of multiplatform software. At that time, tools such as PhoneGap were still being ironed out, and alternatives still seemed like niche solutions. Spiria, being a firm believer in HTML5's future, decided to invest both its time and energy into the development of its own solution by putting emphasis on the important aspects of large companies, such as:

  • Security
  • Near/Total Real Time Sync Regardless of Connection Quality
  • Efficient Large Scale Centralized Database Management and Sync

First developed as an alternative to PhoneGap, Lithium is now an extension of such tools. It can work on its own, or together with Apache Cordova, for example; only 10% of its functionalities are duplicated by Cordova.

The Needs

Acosta needed a partner for the design, development, and online implementation of FMD, a mobile, real-time data manager for field team leaders. The platform had to be delivered in only 6 months.

An Essential
New Application


Major Functionalities

  • Real-time monitoring of representatives on the road.
  • Alert system that allows management by exception: delays, store errors, etc.
  • Generation of custom reports.
  • Messaging system which allows sharing of information in real-time within a team, between managers, and eventually, between all members of the organization.

All these functionalities must be available on the road, regardless of location and network coverage.

Return On Investment (ROI)

  • Increase in the amount of staff managed by each team manager.
  • Access to new data, metrics and KPIs for managers allowing better management.
  • Optimization of time allocated by managers.

“Spiria is deeply integrated into our business channels on strategic mobile technologies, with a team of extremely talented and efficient professionals who have often delivered far beyond our expectations. With a spotless track record, Spiria enables us to focus on new business initiatives, knowing the necessary software will be ready on time, even under very challenging deadlines and exacting quality standards.”


Mark Chaffin
Chief Information Officer, Acosta.

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